We Will Ship Your Order Anywhere in the USA!

Your shipping options are determined by which of our zones you are shipping to (the different colors on the map), the value of your order, and whether you are ordering anything perishable (the exclusively non-perishable orders have the discounted ground shipment option offered in the second table).

We provide shipping for all orders $24.99 and higher.

If you have any questions about these shipping rates, check out the Frequently Asked Questions below or feel free to contact us at 1-800-243-3735 or [email protected]. Note that we cannot give special rates over the phone unless you want to ship internationally.

Shipping & Returns FAQs

1Is there a minimum order value to qualify for shipping?
YES! You must order at least $24.99 of product to qualify for shipping.
2Do you offer free shipping?
We offer free shipping for orders within Michigan over $125.
3What is Non-perishable shipping?

Non perishable shipping is available for orders that ONLY include nonperishable items. Our main non-perishable items are listed below:

  • Fudge, Pickled Bologna Jar, Pickled Red Hots Jar, Hot Sauces, Jams/Jellies, T-Shirts, etc.

If your order includes ANY perishable items such as cheese, then you are only offered perishable shipping. This is because perishable items require extra insulation and less than 4 day shipping options.

4What if I want to Overnight Non-perishable Items?
You can always select the faster shipping option for your zone - just refer to the perishable items charts. We only offer discounted shipping on non-perishable items that are shipped via ground.
5What if I want a shipping option that is not available in my zone?
Unfortunately, we cannot offer you other shipping options other than the ones listed for your zone. This is to protect the quality of our perishable products and keep you safe!
6What happens if my box arrives damaged?
We'll work with the shipping company on your behalf to resolve issues if there are any, but once the shipment company takes your order, we are no longer responsible for any delays or damage. We use reputable shipping companies like FedEx and UPS and we insulate our packages well, so we do not expect any package to arrive damaged.
7What shipping carrier do you use?
UPS and FedEx are our primary shipping carriers but which one we use depends on where we are shipping to! We always select the most efficient carrier to ensure that your order is delivered on time and that our products arrive fresh.
8Is the estimated delivery date always accurate?
Usually but not always… During the busy holiday season (Mid November thru December) exact delivery times are not guaranteed and orders could possibly be susceptible to shipping delays due to increased seasonal shipping volumes.
9Will gift boxes arrive as pictured on the website?
When conditions allow. If conditions do not allow, we will repack our products into insulated containers with frozen gel packs, ensuring freshness and quality protection of our perishable products.
10Do I need to worry about ordering perishable products?
No need to worry! We use insulated packaging and frozen gel packs that are rated to keep products cool anywhere up to 72 hours, the longest transit time you are able to select. We won’t let you choose a shipping option that causes your product to travel in an unsafe manner.
11What is Wilson Cheese Shoppe's return policy?

We do not accept returns. Should you discover any problems with your order, we will make things right. Please notify us of any problems (damaged products, missing or incorrect items, billing items, etc.) by emailing us at [email protected] or call 1-800-243-3735. If you are reporting a damaged product, please include a photo with your email. This will help us verify your claim.

Please notify us of any problems within 5 days of receiving your order. We cannot offer refunds and/or replacement goods after that time period.