About Us

A long­standing Michigan tradition, Pinconning is celebrating 100 years of our famous ­ and abundantly delicious ­Colby Cheese. Created by resident Dan Horn in 1915, our cheese story is one that is steeped in family tradition and small town entrepreneurship.

Although Dan Horn founded and operated the area’s first cheese factory, it was his daughter, Inez Wilson, who really put Pinconning Cheese on the map. In 1939, Inez and her husband opened Wilson’s Cheese Shoppe across the street from the original factory, where it still stands today. During the 1940s and 1950s, as more and more people traveled the newly paved roads through Pinconning to points “Up North,” Inez saw an opportunity to expand the sale of Pinconning Cheese beyond the local loyal fan base. Through radio coverage, roadside signage, local celebrity endorsements and a giant Mouse, Inez provided a ‘hook,’ ­a tasty reason to stop and shop in our tiny burg. Pinconning was officially named “Cheese Capital of Michigan” in the 1960s, a sentiment that had been shared by Michigan locals and tourists for decades.

Over the years, Wilson’s has seen many changes while never straying from the family traditions that made us famous. Today’s store is still a family-run business, and our most popular product is still Pinconning Cheese, cut off the wheel and wrapped up the old­-fashioned way. Once again, we are expanding our reach. Wilson’s has long enjoyed a flourishing mail­-order business. Now we are making it easier than ever for everyone to enjoy our delicious cheeses and other gourmet offerings via this website.

Sit back, relax and browse our online catalog. We’ll provide the snacks!

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